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22 April 2008 @ 12:38 pm
Be Careful What You Wish For XD  
Warning: This is a sappy entry.

In many ways, Marco's definitely not the kind of guy I thought I'd end up with - we're opposites on so many levels, and the funny thing is that's just one of the things I love about him ^_^'. At the same time, I realized in some twisted way Marco IS my dream boyfriend XD. I guess the universe paid more attention to my anime crushes than my list of non-negotiables, and here's why:

  • Before I met him, whenever I thought of what I wanted in a guy, the first that always popped into my mind was he had to be able to make me laugh and be more outgoing than I was, and Marco is definitely that.
  • He's got to love me exactly the way I am and the way I'm not, quirks and all, and Marco definitely does that. ^_^
  • My first crush ever was Van de Fanel, and I remember saying if ever I had a boyfriend, he had to look like Van - skinny but strong. Marco is very much that, and even though people think I can easily kick his ass, he's stronger than he looks ^_^.
  • I remember seeing my sister and Ramon so happy together, and it was cool how Ramon kept bringing us anime and fixing our computer for us. So I thought, "I want a geeky boyfriend too." Well, I got one. XD
  • I had a really long crush on Genjo Sanzo, and I just realized he and Marco have three things in common: They don't believe in God, and they're freakishly skinny yet they have abs, and their waistline is 22". XD
  • Marco wants to be a werewolf, and I remember joking before that if I couldn't have an Edward (vampire), I wanted a Jacob (werewolf).
  • And I don't remember saying this, but it's definitely a plus that Marco's the kind of guy I can have serious conversations with. I heard that it's hard to talk to guys about serious things, but with Marco I can always count on him to listen to me whenever I want to discuss something and his attention never wavers ^_^.
  • I also didn't think I'd easily find a guy who wanted to be with me and take care of me forever, but Marco's told me that on several occassions ^_^.
I love my boyfriend!